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Enhance Performance, Prevention & Pain Relief

Often times it’s asked: why an animal would need chiropractic or how will I know if my animal needs to be adjusted? Throughout their lives, animals will experience a variety of physical, mental, and chemical stressors to their systems. When this stress occurs, the common result is tension, decreased motion at a joint and dsyfunction. Tension decreases joint motion causing nerve irritation, muscle atrophy, inflammation and ultmately dysfunction.


Common benefits of chiropratic care:

  • Improve lameness 

  • Improve gaits, leads & transitions

  • Reduce pain when being cinched

  • Support positive attitude/behavior

  • Help horse collect

  • Improve performance

  • Support hindquarter engagement

  • Enhance endurance

  • Improve motion at the poll

  • Reduce pain or sensitivity to touch

  • Improve digestion and stools

  • Enhance reproduction

  • Support saddle fit

  • Support topline

Photo May 03, 9 57 57 AM.png


Common benefits of chiropractic care:

  • Accident/injury recovery

  • Improve ability to climb stairs or jump

  • Improve ability to pick up paws

  • Improve ability to sit, lay down, get up

  • Improve head carriage

  • Positive changes in attitude/behavior

  • Reduce pain with petting (ducking or backing away)

  • Improve ability to move tail

  • Improve performance - knocking down jumps, avoiding obstacle

  • Improve ability to get in/out of car

  • Improve digestion, elimination

  • Improve reproduction


Common benefits of chiropractic care:

  • Improve ability to climb & jump

  • Able to groom their hind end

  • Reduce pain with petting

  • Positive change in attitude/behavior

  • Improve appetite

  • Improve digestion, elimination



Dr. Jess loves working with all animals and will treat other species as well.

If your pet needs help reaching or maintaining any of the above, you are in the right place. It is equally as important to take preventative measures as animals typically do not develop symptoms until they are well past the initial stage of dysfunction.  We recommend getting your pet checked as soon as possible but, it is never too late.  Dr. Jess is happy to work with your current veterinarian. 

At Aspen we love taking care of young ones, but have special heart for senior and disabled pets.  Chiropractic is great for keeping them comfortable and living a quality life as long as possible.  At the end of the day, your pet gives you a lifetime of happiness; fill their life with comfort and joy. Making a positive change in your animal’s life is possible when you choose Aspen Chiropractic & Wellness.

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