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Your Referrals Are The Greatest Complement

Feeding the Horse


"Attention to detail and truly making me feel like I mattered vs just another patient." -Heather

"Everything was wonderful. Dr Jess very kind, patient and thorough. Angie was the same. They were able to squeeze my dog in the same day I called." -Lori

"Always a pleasant experience." -Linda

"Both were absolutely amazing with my dog and us. You can tell they care about their profession." -Dawn

"Outstanding. Quality and kind work done with strong expertise! Very impressive." -Anonymous

"Two very kind, gentle, intelligent, professional, and knowledgeable, women who know and love animals very much.  We will definitely be back.  See you at our next appointment." -Debra

"Wonderful ladies and very cozy and comfortable. Spends quality time and answers questions. Love it!" -Cindy



Hi, I'm Hoyt (the yellow lab).  I love to help my mom with her barn chores. One day, I had to get out of the way and moved too quick... then boom, next thing I know I was in so much pain.  I could not jump into the car myself, or even lift my head up while walking.  I was shaking and crying almost constantly, including the entire drive do see Dr. Jess. She was very patient with me while I was in pain and gently adjusted me.  I finally stopped shaking almost instantly when she was done.  I was actually so quiet on the car ride home, my Mom nearly forgot I was in the car. Chiropractic works! And not just for people. Thank you Dr. Jess; I don’t know what I’d do without you!



Hey ya’ll, the name’s Bastilla. I’m a fluffy feline who roams about as I please, but I never go too far because my family would miss me too much.  Sometimes I have a bad habbit of plucking my hair... I just can't help it.  My mom tried all different food and feeds me raw, yet I still wanted to pluck.  I live with 7 huskies who see Dr. Jess, so I wanted chiropractic care too.  I'm a pretty cudddly cat and the adjustment was soo gentle, except when she finds the ouchy spots.  Chiropractic care has helped my back feel better, so I don't want to pluck my hair out.  Plus I can go back to climbin’ trees and catching’ mice without any pain!

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