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Your Referrals Are The Greatest Complement

Feeding the Horse


"Attention to detail and truly making me feel like I mattered vs just another patient." -Heather

"Everything was wonderful. Dr Jess very kind, patient and thorough. Angie was the same. They were able to squeeze my dog in the same day I called." -Lori

"Always a pleasant experience." -Linda

"Both were absolutely amazing with my dog and us. You can tell they care about their profession." -Dawn

"Outstanding. Quality and kind work done with strong expertise! Very impressive." -Anonymous

"Two very kind, gentle, intelligent, professional, and knowledgeable, women who know and love animals very much.  We will definitely be back.  See you at our next appointment." -Debra

"Wonderful ladies and very cozy and comfortable. Spends quality time and answers questions. Love it!" -Cindy

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Most people call me Zan or “Z”.  I'm a 7 year old Thoroughbred gelding. Up until a month ago, the only life I knew was on the track; racing for the past 5 years until the glorious day when I got to retire, which is where our story begins. My new mom has been around horses since she was a kid, including horses that raced and she had never ever had she seen a horse like me. My body had really taken a toll from the extensive training workouts, going in the same direction day after day on the race track, and being cooped up in a stall 24/7, and I’m not talking about my body condition.  Sure, my mom wanted me gain a few pounds, but I’m talking about the structure of my body and its ability to function. That’s where Dr. Jess came to my rescue.  My initial evaluation showed lots of areas in my spine that weren’t moving well, including some extremities and even my TMJ (jaw) needed work.  Dr. Jess also did a neurological test by shining a light into my eyes and watching for a response from the pupil to assess how well my nervous system was functioning.  I was very stressed and in fight or flight mode.  So, Dr. Jess went to work. After just a couple treatments, in just a few short weeks, I was noticeably better! My cribbing has almost disappeared (amazing, am I right?), my gait is less choppy and more fluid, and I'm starting to get better muscle tone, not to mention I'm finally able to buck and play like a normal horse! All that in less than a month, with no drugs whatsoever.  Plus, she redid the neurological test on my nervous system which showed significant improvement. That means my body is able to handle stress better, since being under chiropractic care. Who wouldn’t want that kind of results? I am loving my retirement so far, and my mom says we owe it all to Dr. Jess. We are so grateful for her and everything she does!

If you are even considering chiropractic care whether you’re a horse, dog, cat or yourself a favor and tell your mom or dad to give her a call! She is a life saver!  



Hi, I'm Hoyt (the yellow lab).  I love to help my mom with her barn chores. One day, I had to get out of the way and moved too quick... then boom, next thing I know I was in so much pain.  I could not jump into the car myself, or even lift my head up while walking.  I was shaking and crying almost constantly, including the entire drive do see Dr. Jess. She was very patient with me while I was in pain and gently adjusted me.  I finally stopped shaking almost instantly when she was done.  I was actually so quiet on the car ride home, my Mom nearly forgot I was in the car. Chiropractic works! And not just for people. Thank you Dr. Jess; I don’t know what I’d do without you!



I'm a 6 year old Jack Russell terrier, Ernie.  I love hiking with my family.  I'm very active and have a small, but very muscular body.  When we would go on long hikes I would experience some shoulder pain and sometimes my mom had to carry me up or down steps. After consulting with Dr. Jess, she explained how steps are not a natural motion for dogs. We made some modification to our exercise routine, and with regular adjustments I don't skip a beat! An additional benefit I experienced since beginning chiropractic care is that my digestion has improved.  In the past, I  would get an upset tummy 3-4 times a month, vigorously wanting to eat grass until I either puked or pooped.  After a couple of months of care it is down to 1-2 times every 6 weeks or so.
And, because Dr. Jess makes care affordable by offering discounts and packages, Miley, my 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier sister also receives chiropractic care.  After recent X-rays, it was noted she has some degeneration in her spine. Getting adjusted regularly will prolong the longevity of her spine. I want to keep her active and well so she can play with me for as long as possible. Thanks Dr. Jess!!



Hey ya’ll, the name’s Bastilla. I’m a fluffy feline who roams about as I please, but I never go too far because my family would miss me too much.  Sometimes I have a bad habbit of plucking my hair... I just can't help it.  My mom tried all different food and feeds me raw, yet I still wanted to pluck.  I live with 7 huskies who see Dr. Jess, so I wanted chiropractic care too.  I'm a pretty cudddly cat and the adjustment was soo gentle, except when she finds the ouchy spots.  Chiropractic care has helped my back feel better, so I don't want to pluck my hair out.  Plus I can go back to climbin’ trees and catching’ mice without any pain!

For more information/reviews, check out stories & 'tails' page or our facebook page!

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