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Follow Your Heart

With hard work your heart felt vision becomes your reality! Yeah, yeah we have all heard this before... right!? My family once told me if you want something hang a picture of it up in your house, so you can see your goal every day. Yet, sometimes you don’t know your goal and that’s OK, if your know heart. A patient pointed out yesterday how much they like Facebook because it time stamps sooo many memories. We’d probably forget half of our memories if Facebook didn’t pop up and remind us everyday. Looking back 6 years ago, it’s fun to see where hard work and passion takes you. On this run through the aspen trees of Wisconsin northwoods, I knew:

- I loved nature, being outdoors, breathing in fresh air. - I loved health, running and staying active. - I loved my dog (and all animals for that matter). If I was going somewhere my dog was going too. I didn’t know: - Anything about chiropractic, that it was a natural approach to health, healing and prevention. - The reason we are attracted to nature is because it’s healing and slows life down a little from our busy society. - That is was possible for me to combine nature, health, healing and animals into my life career.

Now looking back, cheers to Aspen Chiropractic & Wellness. I’m so glad I didn’t play it “safe” and go for a “normal” job. There is a long road ahead and it’s not easy. As a chiropractor you are called a “quack” and when you tell people you work on animals they look at you like your loosing your mind. Yet, it’s understandable, 6 years ago I wouldn’t have believed I could come this far. In reality, I may just be loosing my mind, but I know I’m finding my heart and soul.

This picture hit my like a ton of bricks this morning and really made me appreciate the journey. THANK YOU to all who have supported me, I am beyond blessed with things money can’t buy

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