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Bonds of a Lifetime - Happy Mother’s Day!

This story is about the bond of a girl, her horse and their babies. Pictured is owner, Lexi and her beautiful buckskin mare with their babies. ​Lexi and her husband​struggled to become pregnant, but turns out that after her mare became pregnant so did Lexi. They gave birth within a week of each other. ​How amazing! ​

From the day we met them you could sense​​​their​connection ​ and trust. Lexi came to meet us in the barn with her newborn swaddled at her chest and momma mare willingly complied allowing us to help her new born foal, Lily. ​As you may notice in the picture ​​Lily was born with a vestibular dysfunction causing her head tilt. ​​​Baby Lily seemed more unstable than the average foal, she would circle to the right​​and preferred to nurse on only one side​. After a few adjustments, Lily is steady on her feet, nursing on both sides and her head tilt is improving. We are very grateful to aid in Lily’s recovery; she will grow up to be a strong, healthy horse. We can't wait to the bonds of this family grow as do their babies.


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