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Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby

Brooke has been a long time chiropractic patient. (In fact she was Dr. Jess's first chiropractic patient after graduation.) Brooke is proactive about her health. She eats well, enjoys the outdoors and crushes her CrossFit workouts regularly. Brooke maintained this lifestyle throughout her entire pregnancy. We increased her regular chiropractic care to better support her body’s changes during pregnancy. Of course she also had to make some modifications in the gym (that baby bump can certainly get in the way of form). She wanted to give her and her baby the best outcome during delivery and it paid off. The week of Brooke's delivery she still hit the gym. When we saw her in the office Dr. Jess could tell the time was near and her body was ready. After things got rolling, she pushed for ~45 minutes and delivered a healthy baby boy! In typical Brooke fashion, she stated “is was painful, kind of like a hard workout at the gym.” One week after birth Brooke and baby were both in for adjustments. It has been a blessing to see them both are healthy, happy, (a little extra tired) and utilizing chiropractic care to keep them in great shape. We feel so blessed to work in this profession and truly experience the benefits of HEALTHcare fir

st hand. Great Job Brooke, you are an inspiration to many!

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