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Chiropractic care & Ear infections - Cause or Effect?

In this sweet girl's first year of life she had 5 ear infections, always in both ears. Her first ear infection was just 4 months after birth. The ear infections started to recur frequently, even after antibiotics. The doctor mentioned tubes may be needed in the future. That's when we met Hadley. She was a bit shy for her first few adjustments, but with Huks help, she is starting to smile through her appointments. Hadley is now almost 2 and chiropractic care has kept her ear infections at bay!

So how does a little peanut end up with so many prevailing ear infections despite antibiotics? Over 80 percent of children experience at least one ear infection by age 3 according to the National Institute of Health. Children's ear canals lay flatter and are smaller than most adults. Their immune system is developing rapidly and childbirth can leave stresses and strains on both baby and mom. Chiropractic care can help decrease ear infections by improving joint mobility and reducing inflammation, swelling and/or congestion. We are so happy to see Hadley feeling better and growing fast.


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