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The story behind the name ‘Aspen’, nature & healing.

There are so many reasons the name Aspen was a perfect fit for this chiropractic & wellness office. The first reason being Aspen was the name of my childhood dog. Aspen was the golden retriever that started my love and pure passion for animals. All my earliest childhood memories include my dog Aspen. Animals taught me so much growing up, and I hope that every child gets to experience a friend like my Aspen.

The second reason is that the word ‘aspen’ fits with the nature of this office. We hope you feel a little closer to nature with Aspen Chiropractic & Wellness; I mean that both mentally and physically. Nature is healing and where we feel at home. There is universal intelligence in all living matter (plants, pets, people, etc). This is how one tiny little aspen seed or root sprout grows into a tall flourishing aspen tree instead of a pine tree. This intelligence in and amongst all living things keeps us connected. When in nature we are more closely grounded to our roots. Ever notice how your best ideas come on a walk through the woods or how much better you feel after spending some time outdoors? Take camping for example… on the weekends so many are quick to trade in their A/C and modern day plumbing for a tent overlooking the mountains or lakeside view. Think about it; maybe simple and natural is really what our minds and bodies need on a deeper level. Now don’t get me wrong. I certainly enjoy my modern day conveniences during a busy week, but it’s no coincidence on the weekends my favorite thing to do it hit the trails or water with my fur kids rain, snow or shine.

This is why we try to incorporate many natural elements into Aspen Chiropractic & Wellness patient care. My hope is to make you feel at home instead of at a commercialized doctor’s office while providing quality care. If financially and logistically feasible, our home office would have a sun-roof or be a glass box nestled deep in nature. For now, we are settling for plants, greenery, rustic décor and lots of natural light. Stay tuned to see how the office will continue to grow and flourish once some landscaping takes place this spring. Also, whenever Wisconsin weather permits, you will find us working outside on pets and people.

Getting in touch with nature will recharge your universal intelligence, so that's why we work to keep your "tails on the trails."

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