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A theme for 2019!

Looking back at the past year, can you place a theme on 2019?

Aspen theme was, "Dream Big, Work Hard, You're Worth It"

In 2019, my other half and I purchased a BIG "fixer upper" to convert into our HOME and OFFICE. Not necessarily big in size, but a big undertaking and project. With the help of family and friends we worked hard gutting the place and fixing it up. Three fur babies were added to our family, all under the age of 1 year. (Yes, we are crazy!) All this on top of starting a business from scratch. This was a year I dreamed about, but also a year of putting my head down and working hard. Nothing about this adventure has been easy, but everything about this journey is worth it.

Now I don't write this blog to say, "look at me and how great this is" because certainly there are many dreamers far more accomplished. I write this to say, "Work hard for your dreams because you are worth it!" As a passionate health, wellness coach and chiropractor, I don't want anyone’s health to slow down their dreams. If it wasn't for our backgrounds in chiropractic care and physical therapy, it's safe to say we may not have survived this year physically or mentally. If I'm in physical pain from knocking out drywall, then mentally I am not a fun person to be around. Can anyone else relate? The vise versa is true too; if I'm mentally struggling due to lack of sleep or having a bad day, any ache or pain is going to be sooo much worse. This is why I'm so thankful for chiropractic care in 2019 (any many years to come). Someone might think "it is easy for you to say since you're a chiropractor". Yet, I can't adjust myself; I too have to invest in chiropractic care. If you look at my student loans from attending the number one chiropractic school in the nation, chiropractic care isn't free for me by any means. I practically sold my soul, but would do it a million times over if I had to.

During this time it would have been easy to toss cutting up vegetables out the window or skip the daily workout. On a few occasions, we did just that. (Hey, I'm not perfect either). Diet, exercise, and sleep are all things most of us know how to do and can do ourselves, but what chiropractic can do is help optimize all the other healthy choices you are making so that you can hopefully add years to your life and life to your years. I'm so proud for every patient that walks through my door because they have made a choice for their health and they are worth it. Don't take shortcuts for your well being. Invest in your own health and wellness. If you need help contact me in 2020 to kick off your new year’s resolutions! Ask me about our health maintenance packages. As I have learned during this remodel project, you need a solid foundation in order to expand. You are worth the work, worth the time, worth the health, and worth the happiness that a healthy body provides.

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